Sunday, January 25, 2015

Filming promotional clip for Jonathan Karpathios' new book

On Wednesday the 14th of January we filmed more material forJonathan Karpathios's
 new book Echte Eten 2 promo. In this clip we will use material from our new documentary Tomorrow's Food in France.

Benny Vink and Jonathan Karpathios
Over lunch Benny Vink and Jonathan Karpathios discussed the last details of what they wanted to highlight. As soon as that was done we were ready to start filming.

In between the filming Benny Vink and Jonathan Karpathios refined phrases as needed and Benny Vink sometimes asked questions to clarify.

Instead of blocking out the sun and putting up lights Puur Media chooses to use the light of the sun as much as possible.

Finally, certain parts are captured multiple times so that there are enough options to choose from when editing. Below are some pictures.

Next week the clip will be launched.

The setup

the setup from the other side
Jonathan Karpathios and Benny Vink prepare for the filming
During the filming, Benny Vink and Jonathan Karpathios
discuss certain points of the film

After the filming was done, Benny Vink and Jonathan Karpathios
look back on an afternoon's work

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